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Welcome to StrengthByBarbell

Maximizing Human Potential

Why Us?

We are more than just your typical programming and coaching.  We are a human performance company.  We aim to revolutionize the way people look at fitness, sport, and performance overall through nutrition, performance, productivity and mentality coaching.

Client Transformations and Texts

Client Testimonials

"StrengthByBarbell has helped me go from being 280lbs at my first strongman competition in Feb of last year to weighing in at 245 two weeks ago.  He doesn't demand perfection and never chastises if I go off plan.  He's always there when I need accountability and guidance.  I KNOW what to eat but when I'm the person planning my own nutrition then I can (and WILL) write in a cheat meal every night if I want!"

Todd Williams, Strongman

"Good programming and feedback.  Consistent communication and instruction."

Ethan O'Dell, Strongman

"My wife and I have noticed such a difference!  I am down almost 25lbs just this month and haven't felt like this since I was a teenager.  So happy I got started"

Kyle & Andrea Smart, Lifestyle Health Clients

"I started with Chandler when I was completely new to the gym.  He was patient and effective as I learned new exercises.  Very knowledgeable and attentive during personal training sessions.  Such an awesome resource"

Suzanne Levis, Weight Loss/General Fitness

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