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Welcome to StrengthByBarbell

Maximizing Human Potential

Real Time Reviews From Our Customers:

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Elizabeth Cline, Beginner - Online Programming

I can tell I am starting to really tone up.  I know it has only been a month but I can already see the changes in the mirror!

Justin Lofton, Strength Athlete - Online Programming

I'm enjoying this program, I can definitely tell the difference in some of the muscles I didn't even know existed!  This is amazing.

Todd Williams, Strength Athlete - Nutrition Coaching

I know it has only been a week on the plan, but I feel less bloated already and still hitting PR's

Kyle Vanoy, Beginner - Nutrition and Online Programming

My wife has noticed such a difference!  I am down almost 25lbs just this month, and haven't felt like this since I was a teenager.  So happy I got started!

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About Us

Maximizing Human Potential

At StrengthByBarbell, we believe in giving back to you through personal training, nutrition guidance, and workouts.  Your health both mentally and physically is the most important thing to our trainers and our staff.  We believe in a full spectrum of health and wellness, and look to revolutionize the way you think about working out.

Meet and Book With Our Staff:

Chandler Caudill

Chandler Caudill


    Chandler's Certifications

  • B.S. Performance Psychology

  • Master of Science: Athlete Development​

  • Behavior Change Specialist​

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • Certified Sport Psychology Coach

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • Weight Loss Specialist

Chandler's Personal Background & Statement

I have competed in the sport of Strongman and Powerlifting at a national level for 9 years now, holding multiple state and national records.​

I have worked with individuals who compete at world stages in strength sports, to beginners who have never stepped foot in the gym looking to become more confident all the way to athletes in the NFL, NBA, and NABL respectfully.

I grew up extremely overweight and worked to teach myself the science on my way to lose over 100lbs before formal education.  Fighting depression, and other mental health set backs, I found strength in training.

My promise to you as a coach is to provide the best possible service as a coach, a friend, and a supporting beam in and outside of the gym.  I believe stress attacks us each day, whether that is in the gym or in our everyday life and relationships.  I am simply here to provide a stress management system to help you succeed at whatever your goal is - physically, mentally, and professionally.

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3804 SW 21st Lane, Gainesville, Florida

(352) 575-3342

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