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The Barbell Club

The ultimate all-in-one Resource for everything competition and fitness.

nutrition consultation

Unlimited consultations to what you should be eating, when and advice on constructing your own diet to keep you in shape, feeling great, and progressing.

Ease of Use

Entire platform is straight from your phone.  You can do these programs anywhere you want, at any time you want.  The app includes notifications to keep you on track, options to choose your own plan, and start new plans when you finish, direct contact to coaches and more!  Step by step, day by day so you are never stuck wondering!


Dozens of programs for all levels of fitness in all goals of life.

From weight loss, to general fitness to sport specific athletics


Programs designed for sports including but not limited to: Strongman, Football, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Basketball and more!

This includes full preps for meets in strength sports, water cut protocols, and anything you may need to ever compete in sport!

The Perks
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