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Apr 25, 2023 - Jan 31, 2024

2024 SBB Meta's Strongest Man

  • 282Days
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There will be at least $1,250 in cash going out to the winners of each open class from StrengthByBarbell personally, along with 100% of any profit made will be split evenly among each open class. 100% Online Strongman Competition. This event is unsanctioned, with prize money. Events TBD - released 2 weeks before the start of the competition. Men's Classes: - LW Novice (under 198lbs) - HW Novice - Under 231lbs (Cash class) - Open (Cash class) Women's Classes: - LW Novice (Under 132lbs) - HW Novice - Under 165lbs (Cash class) - Open (Cash class)

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2024 SBB Meta's Strongest Man

2024 SBB Meta's Strongest Man

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